Ovarian Cysts

Though most doctors agree that ovarian cysts either go away on their own after a few menstrual cycles or must be removed by surgery, some proponents of alternative health believe in all-natural ovarian cyst cures. It is important to have a diagnosis from a doctor before using any natural methods to cure ovarian cysts. Before researching ovarian cyst cures, the individual must know what type and size cyst they have. A cancerous ovarian cyst, for example, is best treated  by a qualified health care professional in a hospital.

A functional ovarian cyst usually disappears on its own even without treatment but there is a possibility that it will develop again. Natural treatment is an option to prevent development of a possible ovarian cyst. Abnormalities in the female menstrual cycle are what cause cyst development, so it stands to reason that herbs containing the right properties and proper nutrition are helpful as natural ovarian cyst cures to get the hormones levels back in order.

Women who have had ovarian cysts in the past may want to try to prevent cysts with the use of supplements that are meant to balance hormones, improve immunity, and enhance the function of the liver. Taken over the course of several months and followed up with a doctor’s care, these supplements can help the body function as it should and be effective as ovarian cyst cures.

Vitamins and minerals can help a person to maintain proper nutrition. Vitamin C in particular helps the immune system and thus can help prevent ovarian cysts from occurring. Zinc assists in cell growth while the egg is maturing and aids in limiting free-radical damage to DNA as well. Similarly, the B-vitamins help maintain the balance of hormone levels by assisting the liver in converting large amounts of estrogen into substances which are not as harmful. Lastly, antioxidants help cells avoid damage.

Individuals with ovarian cysts can take herbs as an ovarian cyst cure. Such herbs work like supplements, balancing hormones and preventing the formation of functional cysts. However, none of these herbs should be taken by women who are taking hormonal medication.

Herbs such as echinacea improves the body’s ability to fight infections and prevent cancer by increasing white blood cell activity as well as increasing the amount. Echinacea is most effective when taken for 10 days, which is followed by a three day break, then taken for 10 more days. Silymarin marianum, the technical name for milk thistle, is another type of herb that has been shown to help detoxify the liver and rid the body of excess hormones.

While alternative therapies such as taking supplements or herbs are certainly valid it is also very important to discuss this with a doctor beforehand. Indeed, following a doctor’s advice should be the main focus when it comes to any ovarian cyst cures.